Together We Rise

We deliver outstanding training, education, and benefit navigation to Oregon’s care providers and public sector workers.

Workers are the strength of every community.

Together we serve and support each other:

A homecare worker and his and child enjoying a day outside

With Respect

By improving in-home and long-term care standards through care provider education, and career training and navigation.

A Carewell benefit recipient and her child taking a selfie outside

With Integrity

By uplifting state workers’ work lives through training on wellness, benefits, and equity.

A personal support worker smiling and standing outside

Through Service

By developing Oregon’s future workforce through mentorship and job matching.

A long-term care worker smiling at her place of work

With Equity

By addressing the unique challenges workers face.

Our Services

We provide worker-centered solutions for a variety of challenges.

Operational Support

We take care of the administrative details so that you can focus on supporting your community.

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We develop and implement unique communications plans, from design, to production, to reaching its audience.

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We collaborate with stakeholders and public bodies to develop curriculum that both meets statutory requirements and clicks with adult audiences.

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By joining together, we give workers the resources and confidence to make the most of their hard-won benefits.

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Ongoing Worker Support

Whether help is needed over the phone or in person, we have the staff to provide support to workers.

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Featured Trust Partnerships

Carewell SEIU 503 logo

Carewell SEIU 503 is the family of training and benefits that are hard won by in-home care providers to enhance their lives and drive their futures.

Long-Term CareWorks provides workers in Oregon skilled nursing facilities and other long-term care facilities with training, apprenticeship, and mentorship to help them thrive in their career.

Quality Training and Resources for State Employees

Quality care for Oregon’s long-term care essential workers

Learn more about trusts

Even if you’re just getting started, learn how a trust could support your vision.

Partner with RISE

Partnering with RISE means you can focus on your mission. We’ll take care of the details.

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