Learn About Trusts

A trust is a labor-management partnership to address shared needs of workers and employers.

For workers. By workers.

Trusts have played a critical role in the development of quality jobs and service delivery in many industries, including the building trades, entertainment, healthcare, and service sectors.

What is a trust?

A trust is a labor-management partnership to address shared needs of workers and employers. Trusts are typically governed by appointees from the participating employer or employers and the participating union or unions.

Why do I need a trust?

Unions and employers have found many benefits from establishing labor-management trusts. Frequently, employers realize cost savings from joining together to obtain benefits or training. Unions generally value the increased voice of workers in the design of the benefits. Let’s talk more about how a trust can meet your needs!

How can RISE help me set up a trust?

RISE is here to help you stand up the administration and benefit delivery of your trust.

Additional Resources


How Labor-Management Partnerships Improve Patient Care, Cost Control, and Labor Relations

This Cornell University study explores how healthcare unions and their members strategically engage with management through partnership to control costs and improve the patient experience, clinical outcomes, workplace environment, and labor relations. Case studies included.


Public Sector Training Partnerships Build Power

In order to help facilitate the expansion of labor-management training partnerships, this report from the Center for American Progress outlines research demonstrating that strong public sector unions are good for the U.S. economy and democracy.


Improving Jobs to Improve Care: The SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership

This case study from SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership chronicles the origins of the Training Partnership. It describes the organization’s statewide system for training workers, working with employers and improving the quality of care for consumers. 

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