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Work with us to fulfill your mission. We provide the staff, infrastructure, and communications workers need to maximize their training and benefits.

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Resources. Community. Confidence.

No matter where your organization is in the process, RISE Partnership is ready to work with you. By joining together, we give workers the resources they need to make the most of their union-negotiated benefits.

From Start-Up to Results-Delivery…

No trust

Don’t have a trust set up yet? RISE Partnership can help get you get started. We can help you discover how a trust can help your organization meet its goals, how labor-management partnerships impact broader employer/union relationships, and how to build partner support for establishing a labor-management trust.

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Standing up a new trust

Already in the process or have recently established a trust? RISE Partnership can collaborate with you to craft and build consensus around trust documents and funding mechanisms. RISE is ready to establish trust infrastructure, including legal compliance, financial services, audit and liability insurance. We will quickly scale to meet your needs for training, curriculum, communications, and more.

Established trust

Already have an established trust? Join RISE Partnership to work with a mission-built, purpose-driven organization focused on delivering, at cost, the best results for workers and employers alike.

Our Trust Partners

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Up-front Pricing

We provide worker-centered solutions for a variety of challenges, with all program fees up front and at cost.

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