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We provide worker-centered solutions for a variety of challenges.

Young homecare worker sitting with older consumer in her home

Fulfill your mission

We’re built to bring services and infrastructure to workers, quickly and efficiently. We’re ready to go.

RISE Partnership iconography demonstrating operational support for administrative, data, AP/AR, HR, and compliance needs.

Operational Support

Efficiency is a benefit you’ve earned. RISE provides a robust set of operational services that serve all of our partnering trusts. We offer streamlined processes for billing and accounting, compliance, data support, and more. Each trust is unique, but each receive the highest quality shared services. We take care of the administrative details so that you can focus on supporting your community.

Kit of worker-facing communication materials for Carewell, created by RISE.


We develop your communication strategies and collateral. We are ready to develop a plan and see a piece of communication all the way through from design, to production, to reaching its destination. Whether you need a large-scale mailing, email or texting campaign, or a managed social media page, RISE Partnership can accommodate whatever communication channel is right for your audience.

In-person Carewell training session, delivered by RUSE


We create comprehensive training programs to equip workers with the tools they need to perform their jobs with confidence. We collaborate with state entities to develop curriculum that both meets statutory requirements and clicks with adult audiences. We see the process through start to finish, building operational support to book the right venues, engage with learners online, and make sure every worker is able to find the right course and get the help they need.

RISE Partnership staff member consulting with benefits partner


We coordinate with carriers and vendors to deliver benefits to workers, working together to meet the needs of the workers. By joining together, we give workers the resources and confidence to make the most of their hard-won benefits.

Homecare provider receiving assistance from RISE Partnership staff member

Ongoing Worker Support

Connecting workers to their benefits requires people who are available to answer their questions and hear their stories. Our network includes a contact center ready answer workers’ calls and a specialized workforce to assist workers in enrolling into benefits or troubleshoot issues that arise. Whether help is needed over the phone or in person, we have the staff to provide support to workers.

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Even if you’re just getting started, learn how a trust could support your vision.

Partner with RISE

Partnering with RISE means you can focus on your mission. We’ll take care of the details. 

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