About Us

Benefits delivered with Respect, Integrity, Service, and Equity.

RISE Partnership staff member shaking hands with a trustee

We stand for workers.

We deliver a wide range of exceptional benefits on behalf of labor-management trusts and nonprofits.

Our History

RISE Partnership formed in 2019, when the leadership of three labor-management trusts dedicated to delivering benefits to Oregon homecare and personal support workers made the strategic decision to form a jointly-owned shared services organization.

Through the RISE Partnership, the Oregon Homecare Workers Benefit Trust, Oregon Homecare Workers Supplemental Trust, and the SEIU 503 Training Partnership have been able to maximize trust participants’ experience by focusing integrated benefit delivery and shared administrative infrastructure. Building on this model, RISE Partnership now delivers benefits for five Oregon-based labor-management trusts.

Our Team

Our team members are passionate about supporting workers.

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Board Members

  • Melissa Unger, Executive Director, SEIU 503
  • Joy’e Willman, Personal Support Worker, Portland
  • Rebecca Sandoval, Homecare Worker, Medford

Resources. Community. Confidence.

Our Mission:

RISE Partnership exists to give workers the capability and confidence they need to make the most of their union-negotiated benefits. By assisting Labor-Management Trusts in delivering a wide range of benefits, we maximize their impact on workers’ lives.

Partner with RISE

Partnering with RISE means you can focus on your mission. We’ll take care of the details.

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