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Are you committed to giving workers the capability and confidence they need to make the most of their union-neogitiated benefits? When you join RISE, you become part of a team of other mission-driven people.

Support Assistant

The objective of this position is to identify challenges for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), track collected information, identify retention opportunities, and present findings to the team.

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Career Coach – Limited Duration (Two Positions)

This position will focus on equitable recruitment and retention in the long-term care workforce including the areas of CNA and other identified positions. The Career Coach will be a currently licensed CNA, LPN or RN with at least two years of on the job long term care work experience and successful experience with pursuing stackable certifications past CNA 1.

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Wellness Training and Education Coordinator

The Wellness Training and Education Coordinator will be part of a team of professionals who help deliver the benefits of labor-management Trust and coordinate training on wellness, provide access to, and knowledge of wellness activities, seminars and events to state employees and other areas of training as developed.

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Nurse Aide Instructor/Program Director

Long-Term CareWorks at RISE Partnership is looking for Nurse Aide Instructors who want to transform Oregon’s CNA workforce. We are seeking nurses with long-term care and teaching/supervisory experience to lead quality Nurse Aide certification programs.

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Logistics Support Specialist

The Logistics Support Specialist will assist in the set-up of logistical procedures for Carewell Training, including facility management, document retention, supply management, and effective communication with all parties.

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AWS System Operations Consultant

The AWS System Operations Consultant will help design, integrate, accredit, test, and implement an AWS environment to include the necessary input/output interfaces.

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Interested in becoming a CNA?

Master the skills you need in your first year as a certified nursing assistant with Long-Term CareWorks’ CNA Apprenticeship.  This year-long program provides you with a paid stipend, state-required training, on-the-job mentorship and career support—at no costs to apprentices. Currently taking applicants for our March 2021 Apprenticeship!

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