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Introducing Uplift Oregon

In 2021, RISE Partnership launched Uplift Oregon, the program name for a labor-management partnership formed between the State of Oregon, and the unions SEIU 503 and AFSCME Council 75. Learn more about RISE’s newest Trust program below and at

Uplift Oregon creates quality training and educational resources that are useful and responsive to the needs of all state employees, from direct-service staff to management. We do this by gathering input from our Trust board, advisory committees, unions, and state employees themselves. Our training design process is a demonstration of the ability of management and unions to work together to create the best outcomes for all Oregonians and employees of the State of Oregon.

Benefits, wellness, and equity are our core program areas. We seek to constantly improve and adapt our program through listening, feedback, and evaluation to improve our program. Uplift’s long-term goal is to offer accessible and consistent core trainings.

Uplift Oregon recognizes that equity happens only through intentionality. We want state employees to thrive in a welcoming and inclusive workplace and we believe that happens with purposeful effort. We are committed to delivering equitable programs throughout Oregon, by building and delivering inclusive and accessible benefits, wellness, and equity education for state employees in all agencies. State of Oregon employees are a diverse workforce that is a source of strength for providing accessible services to all who live and work in our state.

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