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Carewell Covers Medical Costs for Care Providers

In 2013, one in four Oregon homecare and personal support workers had no healthcare coverage. That’s why SEIU 503 members fought hard for the successful 2013-2015 homecare contract with the State of Oregon, which implemented a new healthcare model that helps eligible Oregon homecare and personal support workers access affordable healthcare coverage. 

That year, the union chartered The Oregon Homecare Workers Supplemental Trust, which provides workers with the Healthcare Cost Assistance Benefit serviced by Carewell SEIU 503. 

 This benefit helps eligible care providers enroll in approved plans through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace, covering the full cost of healthcare insurance premiums and up to $6,600 for additional out-of-pocket medical expenses in 2022. 

 During the Open Enrollment period from November 1, 2021 through January 15, 2022, Carewell sent over 8,000 outbound calls and sent over 1,000 communications pieces in languages including Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and English connecting workers to this benefit. 

As a result, Carewell supported the enrollment of 5,500 care providers in the Healthcare Cost Assistance Benefit during the Open Enrollment period, exceeding annual goals in both retention and new enrollment. 

You can learn more about Carewell SEIU 503, a Trust program administered by RISE Partnership, at

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