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Uplift Oregon 2021-2022 Annual Report

As a first-of-its-kind labor-management partnership, the founding partners of Uplift Oregon — the state of Oregon, SEIU 503, and AFSCME Council 75 — sought to address key issues facing the state workforce and charged the program with providing training and education in benefits, wellness, and equity to State of Oregon employees. 

Because new employees were missing out on benefits, choosing health plans that did not fit their needs, and were not fully understanding the financial value of their benefits package, our primary focus turned to benefits education. In partnership with the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB), the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), and the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), we developed Uplift Your Benefits, a two-hour workshop to help new employees make the most of their benefits. Over the last year, Uplift Oregon has become a key partner of the State of Oregon, as Uplift Your Benefits has become a vital part of state agencies’ onboarding process. 

As one state employee wrote:  

I’m new to public service and appreciated the clarity with which the [Uplift Oregon] team conveyed the importance of knowing how to best use benefits for each person’s individual situation.” 

Additionally, through our partnership with Kaiser Permanente, we have offered Wellness trainings to state employees on topics like mental health awareness, workplace exercise habits, and more. 

We are proud to share our 2021-2022 annual report and the success we have had.

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